4-H Awareness Poster Contest

4-H Awareness Poster Contest

The Portage County Dog Committee will be hosting a county wide poster contest for any 4-H
member that would like to participate. The posters are to help raise awareness to Portage County 4-H
and how to join.
Rules & Regulations: All posters are due to Fran Mansfield in the Small Animal Barn. Participants
may drop their posters off either Sunday August 20th from 7am-9pm or Monday August 21st from 8am-
1pm . The posters must be done on a 22″ x 28″ regular poster board. The poster should be about how to
join 4-H, why it is so fun, etc. Included on the back of each poster should be the members name, age,
and club. Somewhere on the front they should have the Extension Office phone number 330 296-6432
for any questions on how to join.
* * *Please use the official 4-H logo – it has the “18 USC 707” that makes it an official National 4-H
There will be three age categories – ages 8-11, ages 12-14 and ages 15-18. There will also be a group
category – all members that helped make the poster should include their names, ages and club name on
the back of the poster.
All posters will be displayed in the booth barn during the week of Fair and will be judged on Tuesday
August 22nd. Ribbons and prizes will be awarded. After the Fair the posters will be displayed at local
businesses throughout the county to help spread the word on how to join 4-H!
If you need the official 4-H logo emailed to you contact stenson.16@osu.edu for assistance. Or right-click and copy and paste to your poster!



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