Volunteer Celebration/Youth Awards Photos


Youth Award Winners: (L to R) Danielle Whitted (Beef Gold Medal), Kelsea Ebie (Personal Development Gold Medal), Emma Tuel (Clothing Gold Medal & 4-H Trip to Washington D.C.), Ava Lonneman (Leadership Gold Medal), Abigail May (4-H Trip to Washington D.C.), Tanner Gordon (Clothing Gold Medal), Olivia Orf (Communication Arts Gold Medal), Seth Ranzinger (Poultry Gold Medal), Tessa Galloway (Home Environment Gold Medal), Leah Luli (Dairy Gold Medal), Seth Allen (4-H Scholarship), Shelby Morehead (Swine Gold Medal), Rachel Everly (Dog Gold Medal). Not Pictured: Samantha Eckhart (Sheep Gold Medal), Kaitlyn Benjamin (Beef Gold Medal), Darla Derthick (4-H Scholarship), Morgan Bellar (4-H Trip to Washington D.C.).




40-49 Year Volunteers: (L to R) Ruth Studer, Debra Heppe


Year 30-39: (L to R) Fran Pruchenski, Roberta Gallagher, Fran Mansfield

4-h-volunteer-2016-7Year 20-29 Volunteers: (L to R) Angela Kuchenbecker, Pam Gardner, Marianne Senvisky, Pat Allen, Ruth Matheos.

4-h-volunteer-2016-810-19 Year Volunteer: (L to R) Carolyn Eiermann, Bonnie Marek, Veronica Winchester,

Edie Shultz, Kim Ebie, Terrie Hoskin

2-9 Year Volu4-h-volunteer-2016-4nteer: (L to R) Linda Kisamore, Judy Moreland, Rhonda Lonneman, Cathy Galloway, Carrie Firth, Cheryl Goggin, Kim Nelson, Cathy Boring, Renee Doraski, Julie Kaiser.

 1st Year volunteer: (L to R) Christine Tuel, Daniel Schrack, Whitney Gordon 4-h-volunteer-2016-11


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