About me

I am a PhD candidate in Civil Engineering at the Ohio State University focusing on Transportation Engineering. I also work as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Transportation Systems Laboratory of OSU with Dr. Benjamin Coifman (home page). My research is about exploring previously unknown driving patterns using large volumes of individual vehicle freeway loop detector data.

I fully expect to graduate in June 2018 and I am  actively looking for full-time employment. My areas of interest are traffic flow theory & modelling, intelligent transportation systems and automated & connected vehicles. I am also open to working in any quantitative area that is intellectually stimulating and involving data crunching to tease out patterns.

Prior to joining my PhD at OSU, I worked as research staff at the Center of Excellence in Urban Transport of the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India extracting real time link travel times of a small road network using bus GPS data. I have also worked in transportation industry designing highways and streets and conducting traffic surveys for a few projects in India.

I can be reached through email at ponnudevanarayanan.1@osu.edu or balaji.bitsp@gmail.com

Here is the link to my Google Scholar profile.