SPE Service Project

What I did:

Sigma Phi Epsilon Week of Service

Dr. Seuss theme (former SigEp)

Playing with after school children

Reading to them (Son Ministries)

Canned Food Drive

Writing letters to veterans


What I learned:

Doing a little can go a long way

I really enjoy working with kids

Student orgs on campus do a great job positively impacting the world around them

There are many ways to easily get involved on campus


Wanna Get Involved:

  • VP of Recruitment – Kevin Glomski – 262-339-6542
  • VP of Campus Engagement – Danny Gutierrez – 440-387-3174
  • Instagram – OSUSIGEP

Year 2 Goals:

Year 2 Goals Update:

A! – Academic

This year I had high academic goals to excel in all my classes and challenge myself to get the grades I knew I was able to attain. I was successful in this in multiple areas. First, I pushed myself by taking higher level classes that would further interest me and also show me some possible career opportunities. Secondly, I pushed myself to take time outside of class to study to achieve the grades I knew I could get. I am very happy with the effort and results shown from this past semester.


S! – Service:

This year again I knew I could push myself to do more outside of school since I felt accustomed to how college works. I continued to volunteer with SON Ministries and also took a large role in Sig Ep’s canned food drive to help out Ohio Food bank. Both of these experiences were very rewarding and spending time to help others through my fraternity showed me how Ohio State organizations can truly make a positive impact!

About Me

Hi! I’m Mike Pomerants from Upper Arlington Ohio. Conveniently, I live only about 15 minutes from campus so I’m not too far from home. Ever since I was little I knew that I wanted to go to Ohio State but I never knew what I really wanted to do. My major is business although I’m in HSS. I’m split between business and medicine so this is my unique way of exploring both topics to decide what my true major is. My goal is to know by the end of my freshman year what I want to major in and what my path will be beyond these four years of undergraduate school. My main hobby is running, I ran track all throughout high school and use it as a stress reliever. Besides that my other hobby is watching football. Whether it be college football and the NFL I love to cheer on my team. This semester I hope to learn more about the business and medicine world along with meet new friends from HSS. I’m looking forward to the memories I will make at The Ohio State University!

Year in Review

Overall this year was a success. I reached my academic goals and am loving my major. I cannot wait to see where my future at Ohio state will take me. I have made many friends and also joined a fraternity to continue to meet more people. The only thing this year that I regret not doing is getting as involved as I could be. Next year, I want to join at least 2 clubs and continue to get more involved with everything Ohio State has to offer.


S! – Sevice

For the service aspect of my year I was give n the privilege to volunteer at SON ministries where I was able to read to and interact with kids in elementary school. It was a fun experience and interacting with them and seeing their joy in playing with other older people was rewarding. I hope to be able to do it again next year and am considering making it my service project for next year!

A! – Academic

For my interview with an upperclassmen, I talked to Kristen and Maria Zulliger. They were both extremely helpful in helping me plan my year and get accustomed to Ohio State. It was awesome to have them share their advice and what has worked for them in the past and what has not. They also introduced me to HSS and told me all the benefits it could bring. I am thankful to have them as a resource!




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