Meet Andrew!

All of you have communicated with Andrew Mularo the undergraduate student who has worked so hard to launch this study! Here he is packing tool kits for shipping last week. Andrew is a student in OSU’s department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology. Not only does he work on this project but also volunteers in other labs on campus! Andrew aims to go to graduate school to further his ecology studies upon graduation from OSU.

2 thoughts on “Meet Andrew!

  1. I signed up to be a pollinator investigator
    Shortly after you posted the request
    For citizen scientists, but I haven’t gotten
    A kit. Is it too late to request a kit?
    My address is : 58 Center St.,
    Cedarville, Ohio 45314

  2. It’s truly inspiring to see someone like Andrew, a student so driven by his passion for his studies. To be doing what he loves and giving his time to volunteer to share that, how wonderful.

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