Looking to Sign Up for PI?

Thank you so much for your interest in Pollination Investigators. If you are coming to the site looking for instructions on how to sign up check out the “sign up” page, which will let you know all the information needed and how to enroll by contacting Andrew Mularo an undergraduate at OSU assisting with this study. Please, review the experimental protocol found on the “experiment” page before committing, this study does require several steps to complete. Thank you very much! Mary.

6 thoughts on “Looking to Sign Up for PI?

    • Hi Karen, I have been in DC for a few days working on a bee collection. Please see the “Sign Up” page of the website, and email Kayla your information. She has up-to-date information regarding how many tool kits we have remaining for 2017. Thank you for your interest! Mary.

  1. Mary, if not to late, I would like to participate in the PI project. Always enjoyed the Lady Beetle Blitz.


    • Hi Barbara, If we have tool kits remaining we can send one out to you. Please see the “sign up” page for instructions on requesting one. Kayla keeps track of sending the kits, and I am not sure how many remain. Thank you!

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