Are you on Facebook? You can follow the PI program at our page: https://www.facebook.com/pollinationinvestigators/. We are going to post some live videos this spring demonstrating how to set up your test plants including the exclusion cage, conduct hand pollination, and harvest on our page! This is also a great way to ask questions, as many volunteers are likely wondering the same thing. Thanks to all who have signed up, we are so excited! Mary.

4 thoughts on “Facebook

    • Hi Fred, Thank you so much for your interest. All details on how to enroll and request a toolkit can be found on the “sign up” page, thank you!! Mary

  1. This is a great project for me to get advanced training and volunteer hours
    at the same time, RIGHT?

    • Well we hope you will sign up Alan, however, we cannot say for sure about the volunteer hours, you would have to check with the person who records that, but we do hope this qualifies! IF you decide to sign up, all instructions can be found on the “sign up” tab on this website. Thank you!! Mary.

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