Meet the Bees at Stratford Ecological Center

Want to learn about bees and their ecological role?  The Stratford Ecological Center in Delaware, Ohio is hosting a Meet the Bees event tomorrow, July 22, from 10 – 11:30 am.  $10 per family.  Contact Dave Noble (740-363-2548) for availability.  Check out the link below for information!

Meet the Bees

Send Us Project Updates!

We are interested to hear about your progress as a Pollination Investigator!  Send us an update and a photo of your pepper plants!

Check out Joe’s pepper plants in his garden! Thanks for participating in Pollination Investigators, Joe!  Although I will admit, I didn’t give my Dad much of a choice.  🙂  I think he is pleasantly surprised with how much fun science can be!  Go Science!

Send pictures to:, or email with any questions or concerns!

Experiment Progress

I hope the experiment set-up went smoothly for everyone!  Our pepper plants are in the garden and doing well.

Send us an update on your peppers and a picture of the experiment in your garden!  Check out Marlin’s peppers below.  Thanks for the photo and update, Marlin!

Send pictures to:, or email with any questions or concerns!



Seedling Progress

Our seedlings are looking great, and we have begun the hardening off process. Today I put the seedlings outside for a couple of hours, and then increase the amount of time they are outside for 7 days. Avoid putting your seedlings in the direct sun in the beginning and make sure you water them well during this process.

Bees on a Plane

This is a first for me. I am traveling to Washington DC with 3,000 + pinned bees from one of our research studies. The project examined the value of urban agricultural crops and weedy plants as forage for pollinators. I will meet with an expert tomorrow who will verify our identifications before we move forward to publish the study.


I was excited to see that some of my peppers have sprouted when I got into my office this morning. Once they establish 1-2 true leaves i will begin to harden them off.

Meet Andrew!

All of you have communicated with Andrew Mularo the undergraduate student who has worked so hard to launch this study! Here he is packing tool kits for shipping last week. Andrew is a student in OSU’s department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology. Not only does he work on this project but also volunteers in other labs on campus! Andrew aims to go to graduate school to further his ecology studies upon graduation from OSU.

Toolkits have been Sent!

Hello Volunteers,

The toolkits that you have ordered have now been placed in the mail, and you should be receiving them very soon! Please let us know if there are any issues!