HW For 2/12: Pitch, Complaint, Moment

Prompt: Write a short paragraph describing the Pitch, the Complaint, and the Moment of this “Suburbs” article. State if this would be a source that supports, contradicts, or distracts from your own research that you’re building from your Primary Source Analysis.

In the article “The US Has Become a Nation of Suburbs” by Dr. Christopher Boone, “the pitch” of the article is shown in some of the closing statements of his article. The author states, “Whatever happens, it’s unlikely that people will start to move out of cities and suburbs and back into rural areas” and soon after, “I believe that it’s likely the U.S. will remain a nation of suburbs for some time to come”,  these quotes show his pitch that the author wishes the reader to believe, that the nation’s population has been concentrating towards cities and suburbs and that it is unlikely for it to stop anytime soon. Secondly, Dr. Boone’s “complaint” is that this concentration of people living in suburbs “will pose a continuing environmental challenge” and that this will become an issue for the millennials that will soon outnumber the baby boomers. Finally, the article’s moment is using the population trends from the past to look into the future to show how the trend will not slow as well as the problems that could stem from this.

This source would be a distraction from my own research as my research right now is centering around the town of Granville exclusively, and has not yet expanded past that. Even if I expanded further from my research question about town borders, this really would not provide too much useful information as it only gives population, not any estimate as to city sizes.

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