Homework for Week 4

The Method:

Among the repetitions in Granville that show its resistance change is the old pictures that can be seen around town that show how each shop has been there for a long time as well as how little the town has changed, in Granville, there is a repetition of New England style architecture, crosswalks that are all over Broadway, there are many steps that can be seen randomly about the town that were for getting on horses, and the lack of parking in town. These repetitions all form together as one strand, Granville’s resistance to change. The pictures show just how little the town has changed over its 200+ years of existence, the crosswalks show that the town wants to continue a time where people walked everywhere, the steps show Granville clinging onto its past that can be seen in the pictures that contain horses instead of cars, and the lack of parking shows that the town doesn’t want to take down historical buildings to create more parking space. The binaries, however, are that there have recently been chain businesses that have come into town among the old locally owned businesses. These businesses, however, do not do as well of business as they would in other towns because the people of Granville value the locally owned businesses. The anomaly, therefore, is the two chain businesses in Granville, Donatos and Subway which came in very recently.


10-in-1 Analysis:

I am using the old black and white photos in the parish house of Saint Luke’s Church as the focal point for my analysis. These photos represent to me that Granville is resistant to change. There are pictures of the church and its past neighbor the opera house, then a picture of the opera house burning with the church being saved, and finally a picture of just the church and the new “opera house park”. These show change, but only during a time fram of maybe a week, so moreso it represents permanance as nothing has been changed since then. These photos can be used to reflect the rest of the town in gerneral, as was stated in the strands above, the town is overall resistant to change.

Homework Assignment 1/24/19 Prompt 2

For example in Sandra Cisneros’s essay. “Notes of a Native Daughter”, the author uses repetition of statements such as “not enough” to convey her discontent with her home. Additionally, she said that “In the neighborhood we knew, booze was easier to find than books” (22). These repetitions are important because without them the reader would not truly understand just the state of living they were in, in Chicago.  Continuing this theme, she quotes “Every place we lived never had enough bedrooms for seven kids” (24). This repetition also shows that because the family had struggled so much with money, she was never happy in her home.

Homework Assignment 1/24/19 Prompt 1

During step four of “The Method” the group, while looking at the cover of Tale of Two Americas” identified that the main focus of the cover is a run-down house, next to two nicer looking larger houses. This observation showed a binary in the front cover, run-down and small versus well kept and large. This is important as it shows that in America as a whole there are two sides, the poor and the rich. The picture very well represents the purpose of the book, the book is a collection of essays showing that there are two vastly different sides of America and that these differences are often overlooked.