Polaris – Getting Involved

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I understand that there are graduate student concerns about making time commitments outside of their research projects, and if they will be supported by the department and their research advisor. I would like to assure each of you as both Department Chair and as a faculty graduate student advisor that there is department wide support for graduate student participation in this program and other programs that enhance DEI in our department and field. In fact, it is official department policy that graduate students should be encouraged to participate in mentoring and outreach programs such as Polaris. Here is a link to the Department’s Values and Expectations for Graduate Students: https://physics.osu.edu/values-and-expectations-graduate-students-physics-1, which states that graduate students should 

‘Be encouraged to engage in the service and outreach work of the department, including in the mentorship of more junior scientists.’

– Michael Porier, Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics