Mentorship Course – Getting Involved

Polaris is a student-led organization within the Physics and Astronomy Departments at The Ohio State University. Our mission is to enhance the experiences and retention of historically underrepresented groups in the undergraduate program. We achieve this through two key programs. One of those programs is the Polaris Mentorship Class.

1.       Polaris Mentorship Class: This year-long course pairs first- and second-year students with upper-level mentors. Mentors are required to attend the class, which is held after regular hours for one hour. In addition, mentors should meet with their mentees outside of class hours. The course (PHYSICS 2050.01 in Autumn and PHYSICS 2050.02 in Spring) addresses diversity, inclusion, and topics like imposter syndrome and science communication.

As we move closer to the school year, we need mentors. If you’re interested in being a mentor this school year, you can apply to be a mentor using this link: Mentor Application. For more details, visit our website: Polaris Website. Feel free to reach out to us via email at if you have any questions!