Reflection on Systems-Based Practice

I saw many different styles of communication in the OR while on SONC. I would like to talk about a positive role model that will inform my future development as a physician, especially as I become the most senior person in the environment.

There was one surgeon in particular that was incredibly talented at making each member of the team feel as if their contributions were important and that they deserved just as much respect as the other members of the team. This was not always the case in the OR, as some times the surgeon can act in a way that demonstrates their “superiority.” Reflecting on what actions that surgeon made (eg., taking time to ensure she knows the team members name, wanting to know what the team member is hoping to contribute/learn, taking the time to teach when appropriate), I hope to carry on that spirit of making every team member know that I recognize them as an important part and that their contribution matters.

It was incredible to see the differences in the actions of the support staff and their willingness to assist this surgeon in comparison to other surgeons who were more hierarchical. Not only did the team have a greater coordination of efforts but requests were much more quickly accommodated. I am not saying that you should be this way, so the team caters more to your desires, but rather that there is a much more fluid and enjoyable work environment when each member of the team feels respected and invested in the task at hand. Though I will not become a surgeon, I know that this lesson will be incredibly valuable as I progress through my inpatient and outpatient rotations. There is an incredible dependence on one another in healthcare and I know that an early recognition of this will be imperative moving forward. I hope to constantly exemplify a spirit of openness and respect for my team.

As a family medicine physician, I aim to get to know the members in my office and understand the unique talents and limitations of each of them. I also aim to be clear an honest with my abilities or limitations so that others are able to help me as I strive to help them. Coming from this perspective should allow for a smoother and more productive team.

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