Trainings and Resources


Successfully Telling PHAB Your Health Department’s Performance Management Story. A recording of the webinar held on December 4, 2018 along with real documentation examples from Ohio local health departments.

Michigan Public Heath Institute – Office of Accreditation & Quality Improvement: Free online training and supplemental resources addressing performance measures and quality improvement basics; includes practitioner’s QI guidebook.

Public Health Foundation: New Guide helps you navigate the stages of performance management.

Public Health Foundation Performance Management Toolkit: Resources to help practitioners understand performance management and how to develop successful performance management approaches; includes links to the Turning Point framework.

Public Health Improvement Resource Center: Searchable database of resources designed to support work in public health; recently refreshed with additional and updated resources for building and improving public health systems.

Center for Public Health Practice at the Ohio State University: The Center, in partnership with public health practitioners at the state and local levels, has developed several templates to support overall agency improvement efforts and address accreditation-related documentation requirements (v1.5).