6. Improve: Use Analysis to Inform Management Decisions

Use analysis to make evidence-based decisions and adjust project activities. Determine if you need to adjust:

  • Project strategy
  • Performance indicators
  • Targets

Example (Immunizations): Consider increasing the target to 95%.  Continue with current strategies, validating that staff are promoting childhood vaccines at EVERY well-child visit and reminder cards are being distributed by ALL elementary schools.

Example (Food Safety): Establish new target. Monitor types of critical food safety violations most commonly cited (program-level performance indicator) to measure effectiveness of strategy implemented last year, and try new strategy brainstormed by sanitarians.

Example (Financial Stability): Continue with current target of 15% of agency revenues from non-grant funds by 2020. Monitor revenues from immunization services (program-level performance indicator) and examine other services that are currently being provided at free or reduced cost that could be producing revenue (new strategy).