3. Develop a Performance Monitoring Plan

Once indicators have been identified for each results statement, it is time to develop a performance monitoring plan. This plan will detail how and where to get the data for each indicator, and most importantly, how to use it! Information in the plan answers several questions (and possibly more):

  • How will the data be collected?
  • Who will be responsible for ensuring collection?
  • How frequently do we need to see and review the data?
  • How will the data be reported and shared?

Common elements in performance management plans include:

  • Indicator name
  • Definition
  • Data collection method
  • Data collection source
  • Frequency of collection
  • Person(s) responsible for collecting the data
  • Baseline and target values
  • Planned analysis/use
  • Storage location
  • Frequency/type of reporting (and to whom)
  • Date of data quality reviews

Download this template to see an example of a Performance Monitoring plan using Excel.


Step 4 – Collecting data