Back to Crisis? Northern Ireland after Brexit

The event hosted on April 29th was dedicated to the issues which Northern Ireland has faced since Brexit. Duncan Morrow gave his personal take as someone who has witnessed the side effects first handedly. As a young lad, bombs, fights, and daily aggressive quarrels were part of life. The break did cause some changes, but, as expected, not everyone was thrilled with them. Conflict has arisen once again, even if it is not as traumatic as at was before. Teri Murphy took the initiative to ask Morrow through the presentation. She directed Morrow to dissect the strong tension between his neighbors, which he “fears.” He does want to come to an agreement and a middle ground with these people because that is the only way to move on. The wedge which has caused this great disagreement is propelled by different religious and traditional values.

There was also a focus placed on figuring out the purpose of the police. Morrow wanted to make a distinction between policing and parenting. He stated that these two lines have been blurred, enforcing the wall between the people, and those who are meant to protect them. This is evidently quite relevant to not only IA, but the American specifically. The past year has been fueled by the conflict between the people, police, and differing sentiments about the two. Some more parallels can be drawn from the marches that have been occurring in Northern Ireland. Morrow wants to make ends meet to help alleviate the stress and terror that has infiltrated the life of Northern Irelanders. The same can be said about what the United States in its current state.

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