Virtual Poster Competition

About the 2020 Plant Sciences Symposium Poster Session

Part of the mission of The Ohio State University Plant Sciences Symposium is to promote the participation of undergraduate and graduate students in the discipline of Plant Science by providing an opportunity to showcase their research in a public forum. One of the forums to accomplish this goal is the Poster Session. 

Last year, during the 2019 Plant Sciences Symposium Poster Session, there were more than 50 posters showcased. Of these, 13% were undergraduate students and 66% were graduate students presenting their work. 

The 2020 Virtual Poster Session is now live!! 

Because of the virtual nature of The 2020 Plant Sciences Symposium the poster session is also virtual. We are showcasing the posters online from Monday, July 20th until Friday, July 31st. Click this link to see the showcased posters. Anyone with the link will be able to access the website and leave feedback for the presenters.

There are four categories: 

  • Undergraduate Poster. Must be an undergraduate at an academic institution
  • Graduate Poster. Must be an M.S. or Ph.D. student at an academic institution
  • Postdoc/Staff Poster. Post-docs and staff at academic, government and industry institutions are eligible
  • Non-Competetive Poster. Available for people who wish to present a poster but are not eligible or do not wish to enter the poster competition

Every competitive presenter will have their poster judges before the day of the symposium, where the winner in each category will be announced. Winners will receive cash prizes!

How do I apply to present a poster?

The deadline for the poster submission has passed. Please keep an eye out on this website for next year’s symposium.


If you have questions or comments about the Poster Session, please e-mail the Poster Session Sub-Committee Chair Priscila M. Rodriguez Garcia at, or the Sub-Committee Co-Chair Brian Hodge at