The Plant Sciences Symposium is an annual convention hosted at The Ohio State University (OSU) centered around topics in plant science. It is a part of the Corteva Plant Sciences Symposia SeriesThis year due to Covid-19, we are hosting a virtual symposium through a webinar for the 2020 Ohio State University Plant Sciences Symposium. Our missions:

  • Enhance discussions among individuals in academia and in private industry
  • Provide an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to share their research
  • Disseminate high quality plant science research to the community
  • Expose companies to qualified employment candidates
  • Enhance collaborations between plant scientists at Ohio State and those at other universities

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) chose 2020 to be the International Year of Plant Health 2020 (International Plant Protection Convention – IPPC). Plant health is the key to the sustainable intensification of agriculture to feed the growing global population by 2050. The 2020 OSU Plant Sciences Symposium has decided to join IPPC’s campaign by choosing this year’s theme as “Advancing Plant Health through Collaboration“.

Meet our Keynote Speakers! 

This year, the virtual Symposium also features Ohio State faculty  Dr. Francesca Peduto-Hand, Dr. David Francis, and Dr. Luis Canas, Corteva Research Scientist Dr. Petra Wolters, graduate student speakers, and a virtual poster competition.  Awards are available for selected student speakers and prizes for top poster presenters. Visit Event Features to see learn more details and register for the webinar on the Registration page to attend the webinar.

Questions? Contact us at, or through Twitter or Facebook.