Reflection on the G.O.A.L.S

G: Global Awareness

I have, to some degree, learned more about cultures around the world through my coursework in both history and literature as well as sociology. I have also interacted with students from other cultures around the country and world, which has furthered my understanding of other places and conventions. In the future, I hope to study abroad, and continue my interactions with others students and people from different parts of the world.

O: Original Inquiry

Perhaps the most I have learned about the research process has been from my Tutoring Writing class, where we discussed research processes, ethics, and write-ups, which culminated in a final research project of our own focusing on writing in some form. I have learned a fair amount about the publishing process as well from discussion in this class as well as the cultures surrounding different academic journals and academia in general. I hope to work as a research assistant in the future, and further this inquisitive process.

A: Academic Enrichment

In taking the courses I have in the major I have selected, I have furthered my understanding of how communicative technologies, both digital and analog, are created and can be used to convey stories and messages. By looking at the impacts of digital media,  I can better understand how we really may be facing a brave new world. By looking at professional writing through my minor, I can understand how communication can be essential in many aspects, and how being clear and concise is integral. Tying all this together with sociology and psychology GEs gives me a better understanding of the context in which all this communication occurs, and how culture and psychological tendencies affect the technology we use and vice versa.

L: Leadership Development

Over my first two years at OSU, I have become highly involved mainly in two organizations: Game Creation Club, of which I will be an officer next year, and Board to Death, the OSU board game club. In Game Creation Club, I have learned to work collaboratively with others to create a project and gain knowledge about what goes in to making a game. Next year, I will be in charge of maintaining the website, Discord server, and weekly e-mail newsletter, furthering my goals in learning effective communication as well as utilizing the full possibilities of digital technology. In Board to Death, I have helped to welcome new members to the club, and worked to help run “Mega-Games” with upwards of 40 people that last up to 12 hours. Both groups have taught me organizational skills and how to work with others effectively in team.

S: Service Engagement

I was fortunate enough to be involved with the Semester of Service program my second semester at OSU, where I volunteered weekly at a local food pantry in Columbus. I have also helped with the organization of events for different groups as a volunteer, and am looking to find more opportunities in the future, specifically regarding volunteer work around the issue of mental health and the stigma that surrounds it.

Year in Review

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