Final Reflection

Coming to college, I would have to admit I didn’t have any particular worries beyond deciding what on earth my major would be. Though this has been a rather large challenge, and continues to be, I have found that generally adjusting to a new environment and new expectations has been much harder than I originally anticipated. I have worked to try to make myself more comfortable with becoming involved in student activities and generally trying to be more conscious in talking to others.

I attended the lectures on the Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Natural and Mathematical Sciences, the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, the College of Social Work, and the Arts and Humanities. I generally chose these based off of some ideas I had of what I may be interested in, and many of these encapsulate looking at how people think and ways to help people, which are both things I am very interested in and may be interested in making a part of a possible career.

Overall, I largely am considering the same majors and a couple more (oops), and I’ll save time by not adding a laundry list of them here. Overall, the majors I am considering play into looking at cognition and generally looking at people to some degree, which I believe to be one of my strengths, specifically regarding empathy. With that said, I really don’t know what my future goals are at the moment beyond being employed and happy, so I can’t say which of my considered majors would be the best fit for me currently.

It was nice to get a better idea of the programs with the lectures, though some were more helpful than others. Overall, they helped to give a better sense of what the programs were beyond a page on the website. I do wish the lectures had covered more of the majors, as they oftentimes covered only a few, which is understandably a matter of limited time, but they did tend to be very focused on a few more popular majors rather than overall.

Overall, I would like to get a better idea of what I would like to major in, hopefully get it down to at least four or five possibilities. I plan to use the classes I am taking to explore majors further, and would like to visit the Career Counseling and Support Services to perhaps sort out a few of my ideas for possible majors and careers.

As far as advice to myself at the start of the semester: this is a going to be a completely new experience for you, and you’re not really ready for it yet. And that’s ok. You’re going to find being in this all new place with all new people overwhelming at first, and that’s ok too. It’s ok to not know what you want to do, and it’s ok to not know how to figure it out for now. This will all come with time. Just don’t forget to reach out for help when you need it, and don’t forget to have fun along the way.