College Transition Lecture Reflection

To be honest, I didn’t have all that many worries starting college before I got here, largely due to the fact that I was so preoccupied with choosing the “right” college that I didn’t leave myself much time for worrying about anything else. Now that I’m here, I’m really worried about myself more than anything. I’ve dealt with some problems with anxiety in the past, but I wasn’t really prepared for the surge of anxiety coming to an all new place with all new people would bring. So you could say that I’m worried about my worries.

With that said, I am certainly excited about all of the opportunities here. Being at a big university in a big city means a myriad of things to explore and get involved in, student-led on campus or in the greater city as a whole. Of course, meeting new people is also something to look forward to, going from a school of 2,000 to one of 50,000.

I have never been particularly good at detailing my strengths, but I like to think I am a rather decent writer and reader. I also have the ability to think very quickly and look at things in the bigger picture, though that does I mean I can at times look over the little details (chemistry was not fun).

Referring back to the myriad of opportunities at OSU, the number of student organizations is quite staggering. I have already attended a few meetings for clubs, such as the Ukulele Club and the Game Creation Club, and I might look into a few more. I also would like to volunteer when I have time, and maybe look into some research opportunities.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the lecture this Monday due to some health concerns, so I am unable to speak on what was said there.

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