News & Notes

Fri, Nov 3, 2017… Congratulations to Kaitlin Kinney on successfully defending her MS Thesis on “The role of biotic resistance through predation on the invasion success of the green porcelain crab (Petrolisthes armatus) into nearshore oyster reef communities.”! And who knew she was equally a talented artist!


Tues, Nov 1, 2o17… Liz Berg & Alan Coburn present their research on restoration of coastal wetlands a the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge at the Water Management Association of Ohio Annual Meeting.¬†


September 15, 2017… Undergrad researchers Alan Coburn & Krystal Pocock present their research at OSU’s Fall Undergraduate Research Forum.¬†

  • Alan Coburn: “Trade-offs Between Plant Diversity &Ecosystem Function in Restored and Unrestored Lake Erie Coastal Wetlands.” Alan’s work was supported through a URCIO Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship & an OARDC Seeds Undergraduate Grant.



  • Krystal Pocock: “The Role of Taxonomic¬†vs. Functional Macroinvertebrate Diversity as Indices of Nutrient Pollution in Ohio Streams.” Krystal’s work was supported through a URCIO Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship & the Rhonda & Paul Sipp Undergraduate Research Grant.





April 2017…. Chelsea Crosby & Kaitlin Kinney present their research on novel predator-prey interactions at the Benthic Ecology Annual Meeting in Myrtle Beach, SC!

Chelsea Crosby: “Does learning increase predation of a novel, invasive prey by the native Atlantic Mud Crab predator?”

Kaitlin Kinney: “Does biotic resistance from predation limit the northward expansion of the nonnative, invasive green porcelain crab, Petrolisthes armatus?”