Sylvia & the cicada

News sent in from Dr. Steve Chordas, Entomologist, Senior Lecturer at the Center for Life Science Education at OSU & Research Associate at the Triplehorn Insect Collection:

Our oldest was 3 & wanted to see the 17-year periodical cicadas. So we went to Highbanks Metro Park and we took a pic with a cicada on the shirt!  When leaving – & almost crying – I was asked “will you bring me to see the cicadas again” ?  I said “well, if you are still talking to me when you are 20, yes, I promise”.  In 2021 I kept my promise.  The cicada looks really small on a 20 year old’s shirt !

Sylvia and the cicada

Sylvia, age 3 & age 20, with a 17-year cicada

Note the MBD t-shirt that Sylvia is wearing. We couldn’t be more delighted! — LM

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