Explore Columbus Assignment

My mentee, Morgan and I had little trouble deciding what we wanted to do to explore Columbus. We both agreed ice cream was our best option, so I suggested Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Morgan had never been, so she enthusiastically agreed to Jeni’s. I felt like Jeni’s was a great option because it would provide a comfortable space where we could easily get to know each other. Jeni’s is also in a great location to explore and walk around Short North. Morgan told me that she had been to the Short North only a few other brief times. I was excited to drive down there with her and recommend all my favorite places to eat or visit like Brassica, Forno, the Candle Lab, etc. We initially decided to meet at the Union and then Uber to Jeni’s, but my friends were, fortunately, able to drop us off, so we did not have to pay for a ride there. The ride to Jeni’s was surprisingly longer than I recalled, and I was happy we did not walk or bus there. When we arrived, there was no line, so we immediately inspected all the wonderful options of ice cream. I recommended a few favors to Morgan such as Salted Peanut Butter Cup with Chocolate Flecks and Green Mint Chip. Morgan decided to get Gooey Butter Cake and I chose Honey Vanilla Bean. Morgan followed my lead and got her ice cream in a waffle cup just like I did. After we bought our ice cream we sat down at the long table in the back room.

I was happy that we chose Jeni’s to explore Columbus because we were able to spend some time getting to know one another. Morgan and I had completed our interview previous to this trip, so we were able to talk about less superficial topics. Morgan and I discussed our upcoming Phonetics exam that we both have on December 5th. I found it helpful to learn about her study habits and I enjoyed briefing her on how I prepare for my exams. We also talked about our families, extended and immediate. Morgan has two sisters and a total of eight uncles and aunts. We bonded over the fact that we both have grandparents who divorced and remarried. I asked Morgan about her plans for Christmas break which led us into a conversation about our high school friends. We are blessed to both be in close touch with our friends despite the distance and craziness of college. In fact, Morgan plans to go to Tennessee with eight of her high school friends the week before Christmas. After this long discussion about our lives, Morgan and I finally finished our ice cream and decided to leave. Due to the distance, cold weather, and safety, we felt that is was best to Uber back to the Union from Jeni’s. I believe that this outing helped me grow a lot closer to Morgan and learn about her life. I was surprised by how many things we were able to connect on such as family, school, and friends. It made me happy that I was able to experience Morgan trying Jeni’s for the first time because I love witnessing people’s reactions and responses to its delicious ice cream.

Although this outing was fairly short, I had a great, relaxing time getting to know more about Morgan. Her strong work ethics and dedication to school inspire me to continue to try my hardest in all my classes. I would definitely recommend Jeni’s to all my friends and I think Morgan will too as she said she really enjoyed her Butter Cake ice cream. Something that makes Jeni’s special (and new for me) is that there are always new flavors to try each time I visit. For example, I’ve tried the Salted Peanut Butter Cup with Chocolate Flecks, Green Mint Chip, and Honey Vanilla Bean. You can’t go wrong with any flavor! A downside to going to Jeni’s is that it is far away and is not a place you can walk to from campus. Moreover, without a ride to Jeni’s our Uber total would be $14.00 (thankfully it only cost me $7.00). Another downside to Jeni’s is that at certain hours at night and on certain days Jeni’s can be very crowded and a difficult place to sit down and talk with someone. Thankfully Morgan and I arrived at Jeni’s as a group of people was leaving and there were only two other non-employee individuals in the creamy.  Overall, I always enjoy Jeni’s ice cream and had a great time with Morgan!

Mentee First Semester Interview

My mentee is Morgan Mayer and she is a Speech and Hearing Science major. Morgan is from Cincinnati, Ohio and has two sisters, Paige and Tatum. Paige is 16 years old and Tatum is 11 years old. Morgan and I were immediately able to connect over the fact that we are from the same city and are in the same major. Moreover, we both have only sisters (she has two and I have four) so we could bond over what it’s like to live with all girls. One of the first topics we discussed was how Morgan became interested in Speech and Hearing. She told me that she was interested in pursuing a career involving therapy. Morgan was exposed to Speech Pathology through her younger sister who used to attend speech sessions. Morgan shadowed her sister’s Speech Pathologist and immediately fell in love with the career. Her hardest class this semester is Phonetics which I was able to agree on. Morgan and I are in the same phonetics class together as it is required for our major and both found it initially difficult. However, as the course progressed, we found that we were able to adjust and adapt to the content.

The next topic I asked Morgan about was her involvement on campus. Just as most incoming students, Morgan signed up for multiple clubs but found it difficult to keep up with the meetings. This is partly because of her rigorous course schedule. I was shocked when she told me her classes typically don’t end until 5 pm. On top of that, she also works as Sloopy’s. Despite her long days, Morgan plans to become active participants in the Speech and Hearing Science Club, NSSHLA, and potentially join an intermural soccer team as she played soccer for 10 years. I was super excited to hear that she was interested in joining NSSHLA because I just recently joined this club! She also plans to increase her volunteer hours by joining Ohio State’s American Sign Language Club. She is passionate about working with children who have speech and hearing disorders/impairment so she feels learning sign language would be very advantageous. Morgan enjoys being a part of ACES and joined this scholar’s program for similar reasons I did. Because she wants to work in a school setting post-graduate school, she felt ACES would be a great way to learn more about education while giving back to the community. I asked her why she felt inclined to work specifically in an elementary school and she replied that she likes helping kids and seeing their development. Morgan looks forward to the volunteer opportunities ACES provides and the chance to meet people who have similar passions as herself.

Morgan and I discussed her post-college plans which include graduate school (potentially at Ohio State or Miami). She hopes to attend grad school in Ohio but is not opposed to the idea of attending grad school out of state. Her ideal vision for the future includes working as a speech pathologist during the school year (at the elementary school in her hometown) and working at a hospital or private practice over the summer. I was intrigued to learn that her dream job would be a marine biologist or some occupation that involves working with animals.

Morgan and I ended our interview by talking about how adjusting to college has been for her. She mentioned that a challenging aspect of college is being away from home as she is close with her family. However, she really enjoys Ohio State and feels that she has done a good job of balancing academics and involvement. Time management is an important skill she possesses. Her favorite place to study is Thompson and her favorite places to eat on campus are Sloopy’s or Mirror Lake Eatery.


Symposium Presentation

My second artifact is my Symposium Presentation for my English class. It is a five-minute digital multimedia presentation on a topic that is relevant to the course theme (Rhetoric of Power). The Symposium Presentation is a sequence of 15 slides about the issue of toxic masculinity that I designed, created, and narrated for my English class using the program Adobe Spark. This project has had a significant impact on my life because it has taught me so much about societal standards that are detrimental to boys and men’s mental health. For most of my life, I have only been educated on how society creates unrealistic standards for females. It wasn’t until this year that I was educated on the façade many males have to put on in order to fit in with society. I learned that toxic masculinity is characterized by dominance over women, heterosexuality, violence, and lack of emotions. I want to continue to educate friends and family about this important topic. I hope to do this by addressing these characteristics whenever I witness them.

Service Engagement

Another goal I have for my first year at Ohio State is to increase my involvement in our community through service. As of right now, I am involved in a program called Music Explorers. This organization takes place at the Schoenbaum Family Center for a few hours every Friday. At each visit, a group of other Ohio State students and I sing educational songs to children, ages ranging from six months to five years old, and encourage them to engage through hand motions. I absolutely enjoy every visit because I love being around children. This program has helped me realize my passion for working with kids and increase my desire to pursue a career involved with children. Another organization I am involved with is called 4 Paws 4 Abilities. This program enriches the lives of children who have disabilities and veterans by training service dogs. I am looking forward to my orientation in the upcoming week because after orientation I will be certified to train dogs next semester. I hope to continue to stay involved in these programs for the next four years of college and also join new ones too!

About Me

Margaret Therese Pilon is an eighteen-year-old, first-year student at The Ohio State University. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 17th, 2000. She was only 9 months old when her family, which consisted of her mom, dad, and older sister Hannah, moved to Loveland, Ohio (near Cincinnati). Maggie also has three younger sisters, Sophie (16 years old), Cate (14 years old), and Elizabeth (11 years old).  She went to St. Columban for grade school and played basketball, volleyball, and golf. Maggie went to Summit Country Day for high school and played field hockey, lacrosse, and ran track for a year. She currently is in the exploratory major at OSU and is leaning towards declaring a major in Speech and Hearing Sciences. Maggie wants to pursue a career in Speech Pathology and help treat children who have many types of communication and swallowing problems. She values family and friends and hopes to one day travel the world.


Year in Review

[ “Year in Review”  is where you should reflect on the past year and show how you have evolved as a person and as a student.  You may want to focus on your growth in a particular area (as a leader, scholar, researcher, etc.) or you may want to talk about your overall experience over the past year.  For more guidance on using your ePortfolio, including questions and prompts that will help you get started, please visit the Honors & Scholars ePortfolio course in Carmen. To get answers to specific questions, please email eportfolio@osu.edu. Delete these instructions and add your own post.]

Academic Goal

As a student who is undecided, I have yet to figure out what I want to do with my life. My main academic goal for this year is to declare a major preferably by the second semester. I am currently interested in Speech Pathology, but I don’t plan to declare the speech and hearing science major until I take the introduction class next semester. I plan to visit my academic advisor monthly and discuss a course of action for the next three years. Visiting my advisor will help me achieve this goal as she can help me make my schedule for each semester. I also plan to accomplish this goal by speaking with other students in this major and actual speech pathologists. The last way I could decide if I should major in speech pathology is by shadowing a pathologist and getting a feel for what their daily routine is.


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ACES Film Project

My first artifact for this year is the ACES Film Project. For this project, my group had to choose a documentary about a social issue present in society. My group chose the documentary Lost for Life. Lost for Life tells the stories of individuals who are serving life-without-parole sentences for crimes they committed when they were 17 years old or younger, their families and the families of the victims. It highlights four stories of homicide and the resulting life sentences for the teenage offenders. After we watched the documentary, we had to create a PowerPoint based off a certain set of guidelines. This project is important to me because it made me aware of a significant issue in society that I did not know existed. This documentary further taught me the importance of family on a developing child. It also taught me to never ignore someone if they are showing signs of depression, aggression or isolation. This project encouraged me to educate people on the significance of rehabilitation programs for the incarcerated. I believe that rehabilitation programs would have momentous positive impacts on prisoners and decrease the number of imprisonments.