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Hello! My name is Michael Piemonte. As an educator I go by Mr. Piemonte, but I do prefer Mr. Pie. I am a senior at The Ohio State University, anticipating graduation in May of 2014. I will receive my Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education (K-3), with a minor in History. I am on pace to graduate with high honors.

I have created these blogs hoping that they will help educators become better at their craft. You can also visit my other website, www.thefairytaleblogs.com. The website is currently in the developmental stages, but it will currently give you an idea of what type of site it will eventually become. The website was created to help educators create fun and exciting lessons, primarily writing lessons, for their students.

Students learn best when they can connect prior knowledge to what they are learning, and when they can be enthusiastically engaged in the learning process. My website helps to combine the two. Most students are familiar with fairy tales when they come to school. By using their prior knowledge of fairy tales, and making creative and fun blog entries “written” by fairy tale characters, the hope is that the students will be interested in the blog entries. Each blog entry includes suggestions to educators on how they can use that specific entry in their own classrooms.

The blogs created on this website are not as creative and student centered, but they do help educators learn how to incorporate various technologies and media in their classrooms. It is imperative that students remain interested, engaged and motivated in school. For some students, media and technology will do that. It is also key that students develop the media and technology skills needed to be successful in upper grades, and in life. Incorporating media and technology in the classroom will do that.

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