Global Awareness: Since I’ve been working as a Red Cross Intern and ODI Licensed Tutor i have not been able to study abroad yet. I would love to go somewhere and volunteer/study over next years Spring Break or Summer.

Original Inquiry: Research is an integral part of the Pre-med life. The summer of 2019 I will be interning and possibly researching at Metro Health Hospitals near my hometown in Cleveland.

Academic Enrichment: Late in my freshman year I decided to switch my major from Biology to Biochemistry. I have enjoyed my classes ever since. Biochemistry focuses more on how things work at the smallest level and its incredibly interesting. I also plan to pick up a Pharmaceutical Sciences minor to compliment my later biochemistry classes.

Service engagement-  I have volunteered over 500 hours as a Red Cross Intern. This involves setting up blood drives, recruiting for them, and all the other administrative duties with running the many blood drives at Ohio State. Unfortunately the Red Cross will no longer be at OSU since another private company now owns the contract. I will need to pursue other possibly clinic volunteering.