Zero Waste Event

Do you ever wonder how the OSU stadium manages to be the biggest cleanest stadium in the country? Just ask the Zero Waste Team. My roommate Chris and I decided to volunteer with the Zero Waste Team to see how the recycling structure was set up at the Stadium. We learned how excited people get when you come around with a recycling bag to give them and how much work it is every home game to go out and volunteer. Overall I think it was a great experience and I would help keep the OSU stadium clean again.



This picture was taken my senior year at academic team nationals (i am sitting down with my arms together). We finished 17th in the nation at  the NAQT small school nationals tournament. Academic team took up a large portion of my High School Career. It was a long road from being junior varsity freshman year to starting varsity at the nationals tournament!! Academic team taught me that there are a lot of smart people in the world and that there are different sports other than physical ones like basketball and football.  I made so many memories with the Academic team at Newbury i had to add it to my artifacts!