Year in Review

Completing my first semester at The Ohio State University left me with unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. These include storming the field after we came back to peat Penn State, singing Carmen Ohio on the first day of college, and many more amazing memories with friends. I’ve learned a lot about studying and time management after reaching the 1/8 of the way done mark. I enjoy the experience of being independent and carving your own path. I also love the school spirit and the pride every buckeye shares. I bet I could yell O-H in another country and still get a response.  I am excited for the next semester at The Ohio State Universities and all the memories yet to come.



Global Awareness: Since I’ve been working as a Red Cross Intern and ODI Licensed Tutor i have not been able to study abroad yet. I would love to go somewhere and volunteer/study over next years Spring Break or Summer.

Original Inquiry: Research is an integral part of the Pre-med life. The summer of 2019 I will be interning and possibly researching at Metro Health Hospitals near my hometown in Cleveland.

Academic Enrichment: Late in my freshman year I decided to switch my major from Biology to Biochemistry. I have enjoyed my classes ever since. Biochemistry focuses more on how things work at the smallest level and its incredibly interesting. I also plan to pick up a Pharmaceutical Sciences minor to compliment my later biochemistry classes.

Service engagement-  I have volunteered over 500 hours as a Red Cross Intern. This involves setting up blood drives, recruiting for them, and all the other administrative duties with running the many blood drives at Ohio State. Unfortunately the Red Cross will no longer be at OSU since another private company now owns the contract. I will need to pursue other possibly clinic volunteering.


This spring I started an internship with the Red Cross at The Ohio State. My goal is to make sure every blood drive I run on campus goes smoothly. The internship involves setting up, registering, and recruiting donors. It’s a lot of work, but knowing the blood i’m collecting is saving lives makes all the work worth it!


This picture was taken my senior year at academic team nationals (i am sitting down with my arms together). We finished 17th in the nation at  the NAQT small school nationals tournament. Academic team took up a large portion of my High School Career. It was a long road from being junior varsity freshman year to starting varsity at the nationals tournament!! Academic team taught me that there are a lot of smart people in the world and that there are different sports other than physical ones like basketball and football.  I made so many memories with the Academic team at Newbury i had to add it to my artifacts!

About Me

I am a first year student at The Ohio State University. I study Biology and I am in the Biology Scholars Program. I graduated from Newbury High School after living there for my whole life. I wish to get involved in intramural sports because they are a great way to get to meet new people and stay in shape. I also would like to get into research in the near future! My long term goals include graduating from OSU and going to Medical School.