The strategic life plan project has allowed me to thoroughly examine my present circumstances and prepare for my future career in medicine. The vision for life module allowed me to examine what my strengths are, examine careers that would best utilize those strengths, and make a plan for the future that would correspond well with that occupation. In addition, I was able to make a secondary occupation plan, which I was completely lost about in my first few weeks at Ohio State. After much research, I decided that the occupation that would correspond to my passions for helping others and science as well as my social and investigative strengths would be an allopathic physician. If somehow I could not or did not want to follow through with this career, I decided that my secondary plan would be a physician’s assistant. Both occupations would allow me to best utilize my strengths in an environment where I would feel most comfortable and happy.


A picture of my family, one of my most valuable resources in helping me reach my goals.


A picture of Honduras, I place I see myself visiting again and again to provide healthcare to children in the country that need it most.

In addition, the project has allowed me to learn skills and meet people who will help me perform my best at Ohio State. From the wellness module I have created a plan to optimize my wellness at college, including reaching out to advisors such as my peer mentor, exercising at Jesse Owens South gym daily to relieve stress, and utilizing aids such as the Student Wellness Center and Younkin Success Center. These resources that we discussed will help me to perform my best, which will prepare me most for my career as a physician.


A glimpse into my vision for my future. I see myself as a physician traveling on mission trips and working with children who are unable to access adequate healthcare.

Year in Review

Since arriving on campus in August, I have noticed quite a few changes in myself and my expectations. When I first arrived, I had no idea how rigorous the pre-med track was or how much I had to work for my grades. The faculty at OSU pushes each student to their limit, but for good reason. I have grown to accept the fact that asking for help is more than okay—it is encouraged—but mostly, I have become more independent. I have realized that my career path is my own and that it is my responsibility to make my dreams of becoming a doctor happen, whether that be finding a research position, meeting a doctor to shadow, or getting to know professors. Though I have grown quite a bit since arriving on campus, I look forward to the continuous growth and knowledge that will surely occur over the next four years.


Throughout my year at Ohio State, I have found numerous opportunities to help serve the community and participate in volunteer activities. My first semester at OSU, I got off to a slow start by volunteering in blood drives, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, and attending “pop-up” activities such as making bracelets and blankets for children at Nationwide Hospital. Although those activities were fulfilling and definitely helped others, I decided that I wanted to commit to a more routine form of service for my second semester. Since January, I have signed up to volunteer a few times a month at PCC, or Physician’s Care Connection, which is a free clinic in the Columbus area. This volunteer opportunity has definitely been my favorite because it allows me to truly interact with patients, doctors, med students, and fellow undergraduates. In the clinic, I usually participate as a room filler, which means that I call the patients back when the doctors are ready, lead them to their rooms, and prepare the rooms after the patient has left. This work has definitely been the most fulfilling and exciting of them all, as I am excited to be integrated into the clinical setting.

To learn more about what I can do to achieve my dreams of becoming a physician, I interviewed an RA on my floor that has similar interests. A fact that I thought was interesting was her view on being unique. She stressed the point that as a student, I should develop my passions first and truly utilize my strengths. Once I have developed my strengths and explored my passions, I can learn to tie that into the realm of medicine. To get admitted into medical school and eventually become a good doctor, I first need to find what makes me unique and work on those qualities. Once I do this, my unique personality and interests will shine through.


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About Me


Hello! I’m Maddy Pico, and I am a motivated student from Cincinnati, Ohio who is entering my first year at The Ohio State University. I am majoring in Biology and plan on attending Medical School after completing my Bachelor’s degree at Ohio State. During high school, I enjoyed involving myself in the community and was inducted as a member of National Honors Society in my sophomore year. I was also an active member of Student Council at my school, serving as Vice President my senior year and Class Representative as a junior. I also participated in various clubs including ski club, yoga club, and life club while staying active through cross country and rowing. Although I enjoyed being involved in high school, my true passion lies within the realm of service. After four mission trips to Tennessee and New Orleans I decided to venture out of my comfort zone during my senior year and take a medical mission trip to Honduras. The trip equipped me with medical skills as well as a new desire to incorporate my passion for service with my interest in medicine. I desire to develop my involvement in medicine through volunteer opportunities, research, or a career in the field.