Week 4 Assignment

 This is the original image of a tiki mask in front of mountains.

 In this image the Dissolve blend was used. The dissolve blend method used a noise pattern to help reveal pixels from the base image. This only happens when the opacity is lowered as it reveals the noise pattern on the blend layer.

 In this image the Color Burn blend was used. The color burn blend method Increases and exposes the contract between the base layer and blend layer pixels. This blend results in reduced warm colors (highlights) and more saturated mid range colors.

 In this image the Color Dodge blend was used. The color dodge blend method decreases the contract between the base layer and the blend layer pixels. This results in higher saturated highlights.

 In this image the Linear Light blend was used. The linear light blend method uses a linear dodge on light pixels and linear burn on dark pixels of the blend layer. This results in popping colors of the blend layer.

 In this image the Difference blend was used. The difference blend method uses the difference of the blend and base layer pixels in the resulting pixels. Colors of opposite values are inverted.

 In this image the Luminosity blend was used. The luminosity blend method keeps the hue and saturation of the base layer and adds the luminosity of the blend layer for the result. This results in a crossover between the base and blend layers as a result.



Week 6 Assignment


Line: Movement of a point in space

Shape: Defined flat area with visible barriers

Color: Value of reflected light

Value: Brightness and darkness values

Form: Depth of a non-flat object

Texture: Physical qualities of an object’s surface

Space: Area surrounding an object


Balance: Visually equal on both sides of image

Contrast: Harsh difference between objects or parts of image

Emphasis: Showing importance by contrasting backdrop or surrounding

Movement: visual motion in direction or path

Pattern: Repetition of defined object or shape

Proportion: Comparing size or scale of objects by putting them together

Alignment: arrangement of objects

Unity: Arrangement or qualities of object that are visually pleasing

Dream Journal

My dream started out with a vison of my dream job. This is working as a mechanical engineer for Tesla. I met Elon Musk at Ohio State and he offered me a job to work at Tesla on the Mars project. This was a big deal as it was an opportunity to start my life after college, so of course I took the job. This job has an impact on the dream image with the road being made up of the galaxy.

Taking this job was the beginning of my journey for the rest of my life. The job came with a free tesla model 3 which I took on a road trip from Ohio to Tesla headquarters in LA. This was a long and boring trip but I was excited to get to working and settling down in my dream home.

Throughout this dream many of my real-life dreams and goals came true. It seemed as if everything started coming together and all the work I put into high school and college was starting to pay off. Hopefully someday these dreams will come true, just not in a dream.


I started with a stock image of a road leading up to some mountains.

I then deleted the road. I knew I wanted to change that into something meaningful to my dream.

I replaced the road with a galaxy. This signifies the part of my dream where I work on getting Tesla to Mars.

I then added road lines to make the road look a little more real. I used the skew took to make the perspective of the lines look like the front is closer than the back.

Next I deleted the background of the image. This was to make room for something dream related.

Finally I added in a skyline of LA and my dream Tesla. These two additions really complete the dream image – as I am starting my journey with Tesla, and starting my journey to LA.

Assignment 3

I do not believe that location is limited to geography. A “place”, or a location can be anywhere that someone feels it to be. This can be said for something like someone’s home. The place where they feel at home can be anywhere or even in multiple places, making it not limited to geography. This idea also ties into the fact that space can have a personality. The space in one’s home is inviting and comforting. This space can make someone feel safe and happy. This happens because of the connection that people can have to a certain space. They have good memories at their house and that results in the space having a personality that greets them at the front door.

I connect to my space by personalizing it. This means that I like to alter it in good ways that make me feel more comfortable in it. This can also mean that I take pictures and videos of my space to have it with me forever. Some of my favorite memories from my childhood were captured in a photo and I am glad that I have that to connect with. Due to all of these reasons I definitely feel as if I am connected to my space. I am reflected in the space I occupy by the way I leave it for others. I am a believer of leaving a space in the same or better condition that when i found it. This results in a good reflection of myself and my personality.

Week 2 Assignment

In order to create this image i used the marquee tools to take out the sky, clouds, and grass patch. I replaced those with a puddle of honey mustard and a sunrise. This assignment helped me learn how to use these tools and also how to replace certain objects in an image.


These are my three alternative images. The first image was posterized, the second was inverted, and the last image was desaturated.

The tattoo and freckle removal project taught me how to use non destructive editing. This is a very useful tool as it allows you to “touch up” certain parts of a photoshop project. Some of the struggles that I had were finding the right hardness for the clone stamp tool and changing the setting so that the texture of the skin is preserved.


Once I figured that out, however, I was able to remove the tattoos and freckles. The steps I took in editing this photo were first to use the spot healing brush tool to remove individual freckles from the woman’s face. I then switched to the clone stamp tool and used that to replace the tattoos with skin. After that I used the smudge tool to smoothen out some of the harsh edges.