Week 4 Assignment

 This is the original image of a tiki mask in front of mountains.

 In this image the Dissolve blend was used. The dissolve blend method used a noise pattern to help reveal pixels from the base image. This only happens when the opacity is lowered as it reveals the noise pattern on the blend layer.

 In this image the Color Burn blend was used. The color burn blend method Increases and exposes the contract between the base layer and blend layer pixels. This blend results in reduced warm colors (highlights) and more saturated mid range colors.

 In this image the Color Dodge blend was used. The color dodge blend method decreases the contract between the base layer and the blend layer pixels. This results in higher saturated highlights.

 In this image the Linear Light blend was used. The linear light blend method uses a linear dodge on light pixels and linear burn on dark pixels of the blend layer. This results in popping colors of the blend layer.

 In this image the Difference blend was used. The difference blend method uses the difference of the blend and base layer pixels in the resulting pixels. Colors of opposite values are inverted.

 In this image the Luminosity blend was used. The luminosity blend method keeps the hue and saturation of the base layer and adds the luminosity of the blend layer for the result. This results in a crossover between the base and blend layers as a result.



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