Assignment 3

I do not believe that location is limited to geography. A “place”, or a location can be anywhere that someone feels it to be. This can be said for something like someone’s home. The place where they feel at home can be anywhere or even in multiple places, making it not limited to geography. This idea also ties into the fact that space can have a personality. The space in one’s home is inviting and comforting. This space can make someone feel safe and happy. This happens because of the connection that people can have to a certain space. They have good memories at their house and that results in the space having a personality that greets them at the front door.

I connect to my space by personalizing it. This means that I like to alter it in good ways that make me feel more comfortable in it. This can also mean that I take pictures and videos of my space to have it with me forever. Some of my favorite memories from my childhood were captured in a photo and I am glad that I have that to connect with. Due to all of these reasons I definitely feel as if I am connected to my space. I am reflected in the space I occupy by the way I leave it for others. I am a believer of leaving a space in the same or better condition that when i found it. This results in a good reflection of myself and my personality.

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