Week 2 Assignment

In order to create this image i used the marquee tools to take out the sky, clouds, and grass patch. I replaced those with a puddle of honey mustard and a sunrise. This assignment helped me learn how to use these tools and also how to replace certain objects in an image.


These are my three alternative images. The first image was posterized, the second was inverted, and the last image was desaturated.

The tattoo and freckle removal project taught me how to use non destructive editing. This is a very useful tool as it allows you to “touch up” certain parts of a photoshop project. Some of the struggles that I had were finding the right hardness for the clone stamp tool and changing the setting so that the texture of the skin is preserved.


Once I figured that out, however, I was able to remove the tattoos and freckles. The steps I took in editing this photo were first to use the spot healing brush tool to remove individual freckles from the woman’s face. I then switched to the clone stamp tool and used that to replace the tattoos with skin. After that I used the smudge tool to smoothen out some of the harsh edges.

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