Columbus To Do list: part 2


  • For the remainder of this trip I visited some other coffee/tea places with my group of friends from the coffee/tea list. As a continuation of our exploration next was the Fox in the Snow cafe. I feel that overall from the total of 5 cafes we visited I thought the Fox in the Snow cafe had the best interior. As for my favorite drinks, it would have to be the Zen Cha tea salon. But we went to the Fox in the Snow cafe for one day, then on another day we went down to North market to try Stauf’s Coffee. One of my members ordered only a simple cappuccino but it had legit cute latte art; taste was okay, nothing special to me. On this day we wanted to get to Zen Cha Tea salon but it ended being a bit too far and it already started to get dark, so we decided on going to The Roosevelt Coffee House.
  • On our way there we had to take about two buses and walk a pretty long way to get to Roosevelt Coffee House. Honestly, it was pretty scary because by now it was pretty dark as we were walking, the sun was already gone and it was cold/windy. My friends and I were somewhat enjoying ourselves–seeing the apartments, Christmas lights, and the bright night sky–but we were on alert. Just in case anything bad were to happen we would have at least a somewhat basic plan for what to do,one of my friend even had her pepper spray already in hand (lol). Once we got to Roosevelt Coffee House, instead of getting coffee this time we decided to get some tea instead. specifically White Jasmine pearl. I’ve had a lot of tea in my life, and this was actually really good White Jasmine tea that I’ve had so far. It’s not as strong as say Japanese green tea, but it had a soft earthiness to the test while being subtly sweet and smooth. It was a nice to keep warm as we were walking to a good/well-lit bus stop. Then we took one bus ride home and got back to our dorm safe and sound.
  • Our final destination was the Zen Cha tea salon that we went to the next day, we left around a little later than noon. I think we must’ve been lucky that day because we barely had to wait no long at all for the bus ride to the place and back to our dorm. Upon getting to the cafe, I ordered a White Silver Needle tea and my friend got a type of Japanese Green tea (I forgot the name of it). But the tea I Ordered nice, it wasn’t very bitter like traditional strong teas but it had a smooth earthy aroma to it. The taste was also very smooth and delicate, it gave this wave of relaxation once you took a sip. We even ordered some steamed dumplings to satisfy our appetite as we were waiting for our tea. All in all, I would recommend the Fox in the Snow cafe and the ZenCha Tea salon as places for people to go to. I wouldn’t say that I learned a lot about but just a little more about the Short North area, not necessarily down town Columbus itself. But since my hometown is Columbus, I don’t have a GREAT urge to explore more things but I do enjoy the new parks and cafes.

Journal #3

  • This is a just a rough idea, but a personal focus I want to leverage into my spring project is to reduce my stress and fix my sleep schedule and time management. I would use experimentation methods on myself during each month to see which method is most effective in reducing my stress, lack of sleep, and better my time management. This aligns with the original inquiry part of GOALS by incorporating research and creative methods to better some important aspects of my academic and personal life.
  • I might change my mind on this but if I follow through with this project I plan to begin during winter break slowly; I would be doing research during this time on methods of improving time management and reducing stress. Then coming back around January, I would my first step/method of reducing my stress would be to make a timely planner and free draw for at least 30 mins. a day for half the month. Then my second step is to record how I’m feeling at the end of each day, then make a sort of data graph of my progress. I plan to meet these first two steps by the beginning of February.

Columbus To Do List (part one)


  • From the list, my group and I chose to the coffee and tea list together. What I was most looking forward to on this trip was just enjoying myself and getting to relax with some friends, while loving the coffee aroma in the cafe. Also, whether or not I would buy myself a bag of good coffee grinds or a nice latte. What I hope to get the most out of this assignment is to familiarize myself more with Columbus, Short North, and other cute areas of Columbus. Despite living in Columbus legit my whole entire life I rarely ever ventured the city? So, this is a nice way for me to get to known my own area better. But I never visited Short North a lot mostly because my parents said that area is still bad despite the renovations and innovations being done; my parents been here much longer than me of course and they always heard of many bad events going on there mostly at night.
  • The experience my group and I had was going to One Line coffee. The bus ride to the place actually felt faster than usual, I’m guessing that we’ve been lucky because we only had to wait a minute each time we waited at a bus stop. But it was very windy while walking to the cafe not to mention cold, but it felt so good to finally step into the cafe. I was literally smacked in the face with the smell of coffee, and it smelt delicious. Weird to describe a coffee smell like that but it just kind of warmed up my body? One of my group members got a hot cappuccino and it even had a cute little latte art but I didn’t want to get anything b/c I was kind of on a budget.

Journal #2

  • I met with my scholar mentor Alyssa Ingrassia. I felt that our meeting was pretty nice and simple, though it did feel like I was more so interviewing her it was still good. I learned that Alyssa actually came from Huntley, Illinois. She decided to come to OSU really because she was just looking for universities and colleges that had the major she wanted. She also learned how good the landscape architecture program was so she came here.
  • In her free time she likes to read, paint/draw, other artsy/craft things, and listen to music; preferably folk and indie. She enjoys her major b/c of how artsy it actually is and being able to create design and making models for the sketches. As well as how she can do hands-on projects instead of dealing with paperwork and exams. Her favorite classes are studio and a plant identifying class. Also, her reason for joining scholars was that it allowed for her to be put in this community setting, meet new people, and have good connections.
  • Diving into career she wants to work for some international corporations and design for them. She did do an internship last year with a company called Barn Nursery. She’s also a big member of a church community on campus.
  • Overall, I did learn a lot of things about her and I found our conversation to be nice and it was really interesting to hear about how she liked landscape architecture and how her first year of college was like. I’m not sure if we’ll have any future meetings just yet, but I’m thinking about it.

Year in Review

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