National organization

Phi Tau Sigma (ΦΤΣ) is the one and only Honor Society for Food Science and Technology. It was founded in 1953 in the University of Massachusetts by Dr. Gideon “Guy” Livingston and six graduate students (W. D. Powrie, M. P. Baldauf, R.V. Decareau, E. Felicioti, M.A. Steinberg, and D.E. Westcott). It is a non-profit organization with the mission of enhancing professionalism in food science.

For decades, Phi Tau Sigma has been working to strengthen the connections within the food science community. The achievements of students and professionals are recognized and honored through various scholarships and awards. The well-known student poster competition at IFT Annual Meeting has been partnered with Phi Tau Sigma since 1978 (named Phi Tau Sigma Graduate Paper Competition initially). With the sponsorship of Phi Tau Sigma, approximately 150 students were recognized and awarded for their excellence in food science research in different disciplines.

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