Year in Review

I would say my first year at Ohio State has been a success. I have become very involved on campus and am excited to get back to my involvements in the fall. I have done a good job with my professional development as I am the VP of Professional Events for the Accounting Association and will be serving as a Service Committee co-chair in my scholars group in the fall. I have also started to participate in many activities that I enjoy. I have a job as a football recruit host through the office of undergraduate admissions, which I am very excited to continue in the fall. I am also a social coach for the TOPS program, which provides transitional opportunities in post secondary settings for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I am also very excited to serve as an RA in the fall and the new challenges it will provide. Finally, I achieved a large goal of mine this year, being offered an accounting internship for the summer of 2021. I will an intern with GBQ next year and I am so excited to work with a company I am such a good fit with. I am excited to get back to campus in the fall and continue the activities and relationship I have started this year.

E-Portfolio #2

Coming into college, I was told that classes would be much harder than high school so I did not know what to expect of my GPA. However, in high school I took many rigorous classes so that I would be prepared for the tough course load I would have in college. I made sure to study a lot so that I would perform well on my assessments. At the end of the semester, I achieved a 4.0 GPA. This was significant for me because my hard work paid off, with the fact that I put in studying I did not necessarily enjoy to do well in my classes. I hope to transfer this work ethic into my job after college, so that I work hard on all my tasks no matter how much I enjoy them so I am able to be successful at my role. This has given me more confidence and a better work ethic because I know that if I put in time and work I can succeed at whatever role I am in.