Carving the Path Ahead

CEO: Professionalism

Objective: Consistently demonstrate compassion, respect, honesty, integrity, accountability, altruism, prudence, social justice, and commitment to excellence in all professional and personal responsibilities.

This picture has so much more to it than just depicting a group of Asian Americans representing their college at a national conference. It doesn’t speak to the struggles we had in starting an organization that was absent from our student landscape at OSUCOM. In no place is it mentioned how we had to advocate for interest amongst the student body or the number of cold emails we made to different organizations for support. No, the details are buried in the picture. But, it was one of the proudest moments for each us. A culmination of the hard work we put forth during the summer and year to get the group going.

I can still remember our strategy meetings as executive members regarding what we wanted this group to become. We shared all you can eat sushi as we discussed what roles were best suited for each person on our committee and how we wanted to get buy in from our class and the incoming one. We were dedicated and invested into making this organization into something we could be proud of. And part of that was understanding the delayed gratification we might have to endure. As I look at what we started 3 years down the line, I could not be more proud of what we accomplished and what this organization is becoming. There is significant involvement throughout all the classes. Thanks to everyone involved, the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) chapter at OSU is stronger than ever.

This is perhaps one of my best memories with this organization. It was our first outreach event that we had planned that involved having an interactive experience involving medicine and science at a Christmas party for inner city children. We taught them how to take blood pressure, perform an eye exam and the biggest hit, making slime. It meant a lot that we were able to make this event happen. And it showed the potential that we have as a group regarding how we can contribute to our community.

APAMSA has been a huge part of my growth and development as a future physician. It was the first time where I was part of group that specifically represented a population that I identified with and one that I resembled. I learned about the pitfalls and health gaps that plague this group. And it ignited a fire for me to be an advocate and role model. I hope that I can contribute to the health progress of this population a resident wherever that may be. And that my patients can trust me to have their best interests in mind regarding their health and wellness.

I am grateful for the experiences and knowledge APAMSA has given me. It has contributed to my growth as a future physician and as a socially aware member of society. My goal for residency is still somehow be connected with this group, hopefully at whatever institution I am at. I want to be there as a future mentor for Asian medical students who can advise them on their path toward success. That way, I can continue giving back to a community that means so much to me.


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