Finding Your Home in Columbus

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Moving to a new city or state can be hectic without even considering the struggles of apartment hunting. A culture shock is one thing almost all newcomers face as they try to navigate through the new place they’ll call home. Relocating is no small task whether you’re a businessman, a small family, or college student. There is a lot of uncertainties when moving to a new city, and one of the biggest challenges you may face will be searching for a new place to live. Whether you left your apartment search until the last moment, or you kind of established your living situation before your move, finding the apartment that’s the best fit for you is an inevitable challenge. Do you want to live near campus, or further away in a more eccentric and quiet neighborhood? As an Ohio State student, there are many living selections from you to choose from.

Colony Square
Just minutes from the Ohio State University campus, Colony Square apartments are a very affordable and convenient option for students and all people. Why is this a great option? Well, although these living quarters are off campus, it is conveniently located just a few minutes from the Ohio State University campus, downtown, theaters, and other amenities. Its proximity to campus puts it at great advantage. With Ohio’s unpredictable weather, if your car were to ever break down, you can still rely on routine public transport at your discard. I live there myself, and I can tell you, service and convenience of Colony Square is almost unbeatable.

University Village
This apartment complex is a housing option for Ohio State University students. Just a 3-minute drive from campus, you are surrounding by the Buckeye spirit of community and joy echoed in the halls of these apartments. You will not feel the sense of belonging anywhere else. University Village has been around since the 1950’s servicing students of Ohio State University, as well as neighboring schools. It is the ideal off-campus location that offers seven shuttle buses that transports students to and from campus. University Village offers studio floor plans as well as 1-3 bedroom apartments compact with a Resident Life Center and great community features such as outdoor pools and picnic areas.

You could always opt for the traditional apartment route. Columbus is a great city that offers affordable apartments and houses for rent. You are never too far from public transportation, great restaurants, and of course, the great sites that the wonderful city has to offer.

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