Why I chose OSU.

Hey there!

We’d like to welcome you to our family here at the College of Pharmacy. We truly are a family and we are very excited that you will be joining us in the upcoming months here, in Columbus Ohio.
I’d like to share with you some of the reasons why I chose to pursue my professional education here at The Ohio State University and my experience at OSU thus far. Being a native of Cincinnati Ohio, I wanted to be close to my family yet still experience a new environment; This is a sentiment which may be shared by some of you. Whether OSU is somewhat close to home or far from home, there is definitely a place for you here.
There are many reasons why I decided to come to OSU for my pharmacy education such as its ranking amongst the top 10 pharmacy schools in the US as well as its proximity to my family. Over the past 3 years, I have not only grown in my clinical knowledge, but I have also grown professionally through my involvement in different professional organizations. There are over 20 student organizations here at the college of pharmacy which offer different ways of preparing students for a career as a pharmacist through mentorship, professional development as well as community health service opportunities.
Over the past 2 years, I have seen many improvements at the college including an increase in the number of women in executive position in college leadership as well as an increase in the number of African American and other diverse members of the college faculty and staff. Last year, a student-led initiative resulted in the creation of “SPADE” (Student Pharmacist Association for Diversity and Equity). Each year, SPADE hosts an annual diversity week. During this week, programs are held to highlight matters relating to diversity in patient care and professionalism.
Overall, my experiences at The Ohio State College of Pharmacy have been nothing short of extraordinary. Clinically, I have been challenged and well taught in preparation for pharmacy practice and patient care. I have built friendships and relationships that I foresee lasting a lifetime. Pharmacy is a small world and OSU is a great place to begin.

Here’s to great new beginnings!

Best regards,
Nana Entsuah
Class of 2019
Diversity Ambassador Coordinator

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