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Ohio State’s former President E. Gordon Gee was oftentimes quoted saying that a passport is the “driver’s license of the 21st century.” Study abroad opportunities are strongly encouraged by the University, and a pharmacy-specific trip is coordinated right here at the College! The College has a long-standing history of offering students the opportunity to study abroad over spring break to a variety of destinations. These destinations rotate every year, and this past spring I was fortunate enough to get to go to Switzerland on the inaugural trip!


All of the College’s study abroad opportunities are structured to be the perfect blend of cultural exploration and pharmacy-related education. In Switzerland, that meant we had the opportunity to explore the Swiss Alps, try chocolates and cheeses from all over the country, and learn more about their rich history. We also had the opportunity to visit two different colleges of pharmacy, a community pharmacy, the World Health Organization, and the European Union’s equivalent of the US Pharmacopeia. Though we stayed in Zurich, we had the opportunity to make day trips to Geneva, Lucern, Basel, and Strasbourg, France.


It’s incredibly difficult to choose a favorite part of the trip! It was truly an unforgettable opportunity. Both what I learned about culture and pharmacy are lessons I will remember forever. Though the chocolates I brought back only lasted a week, the memories I have of this trip will last much longer. I highly encourage everyone to pursue a study abroad opportunity during your time here at Ohio State! You certainly won’t regret it!


Here’s a few pics from our trip!

IMG_7223 IMG_3197 IMG_5429 IMG_9617

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