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Hello everyone!

I am very lucky to have a very influential, motivated, inspiring student pharmacist in my class! He was able to take time out of his busy schedule to write a blog post for all of you! I hope you enjoy his post and find inspiration in his choices and leadership.



My name is E. Michael Murphy and I am a second year student pharmacist at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. While attending pharmacy school many students find something that they are passionate about and that is what drives them through what can be the ups and downs of acquiring a PharmD. Some focus their attention on their studies and others on their internships or work experiences. I have found my passion in professional organizations. This past March I was elected by my peers to represent over 36,000 student pharmacists across the country as the next National President-elect of the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP). I have chosen to be involved in professional organizations because they allow me the opportunity to impact the education and professional development of students today while envisioning the future of our profession.

My involvement in APhA-ASP began as a third year undergraduate student at Ohio State. I had learned about APhA in my History of Pharmacy class and wondered in Ohio State had a chapter. After stumbling onto their website I reached out to the Chapter and became their first APhA-ASP Undergraduate Liaison. Since that time I have served in several leadership roles on the Chapter and Regional level. However, do not let my early involvement in APhA-ASP discourage you. If you are already involved in something you are passionate about, then great! If not, it is never a bad time to start. By taking an active role in something that you care about you can truly make a difference. During my tenure serving student pharmacists across the country I have several ways that I hope to make a difference in our profession.

First, I will increase the mental wellbeing of student pharmacists by partnering with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy to promote mental health in our colleges. Second, I hope to enhance interprofessional student relationships by working with other national professional student organizations. And finally, I plan to form global partnerships with colleges of pharmacy in our country and those across the world using resources established by the International Pharmacy Student Federation. I know that over the course of the next two years student pharmacists will bring together their collective voice to accomplish these goals which will advance our profession and enhance patient care across the world.

Overall, I hope to uphold the values of the student pharmacists that I represent and ensure that the profession is in a present stable position so that we might advance it to new heights. And that is exactly what involvement in professional organizations brings, a sense of hope. I won’t lie to you, being a student pharmacist is hard. Day to day balancing exams, work, assignments and a social life can be challenging but it is the goal we are working towards that makes it worth it. Involvement in professional organizations can give you a peek into what that goal will be like. It can help you experience interacting with a patient, learning about a new medication, or networking with peers from across the country. You will grow professionally in a fun environment. That is why I am such a strong advocate for professional organizations. If school ever gets hard then I don’t get down because I know I am a part of something bigger than myself that provides an opportunity to educate students, allow them to grow professionally, and makes a difference in the development of the future of our profession.

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