Interview Day Preparation

Hi Future Candidates!

I’m here to talk to you about preparing for your interview here at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. I hope you are so very excited about your interview! As one of your Student Ambassador Coordinators, I am so excited to meet you on the day of your interview.

So how should you prepare for your interview day?

You should know that the interview is open file. Be prepared for any questions or interests that your interviewers may have! As an example, I was asked to talk about The Lost Boys of Sudan, an organization I volunteered for in Arizona, and how that impacted my life. My interviewers had never heard about The Lost Boys of Sudan and wanted to know more about it, just as they will want to know more about your own personal interests and involvement. Don’t expect questions solely about pharmacy!

Your interview will take place with two people. One interviewer is typically one of our fantastic faculty or staff, and the other interviewer is a pharmacist well-known to the college or one of our top students. Both people will be amazing and will have incredible knowledge to share with you. So if you have any questions for them, don’t be afraid to take advantage of them!

Speaking of questions…. You can also ask any of the ambassadors questions that day as well. Feel free to ask us any question – big or small – that pops into your mind as you research our college and campus.  Whether it be about student life, housing, classes, internships, expectations of the college, etc. we are here to answer every question.

An ambassador should contact you closer to your interview, so you can also ask any questions via email. When I came to Columbus for my interview, I arrived early the day before and my ambassador met with me to tell me more about events that were going on in the college or in Columbus in general. My ambassador recommended some places to eat as well!

The best thing you can do to prepare for your interview is to simply relax and be yourself.  You’ve already gotten the grades and passed all the tests, so let your passion for pharmacy shine through, and you will definitely do well on your interview. I know this is a very stressful time, but try to not stress too much and get excited about your future in pharmacy!!

Good luck with your interview day! Hopefully you come to know that The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy is the perfect fit for you! Just like it was for me. 🙂


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