To Work or Not to Work

Hey guys!

Are you deciding whether or not to work? Are you thinking that it might be too much with school? Then this post might be for you! (Did I sound too much like anĀ infomercial? Woops!)

Deciding to work is entirely up to you! Don’t expect to be able to support yourself through school by working. Do expect to gain knowledge and experience through working. Working should be supplemental to your education. You can utilize the knowledge that you are learning while at your jobs.

When you decide, really look at everything you are taking on throughout the year and if you think you can handle the extra work! You have classes, studying, PD hours, CHS hours, studying, social time, organization activities, studying, and more studying! It is 100% okay to not work, but it is also 100% okay to work. You need to make sure you are on top of the important things (aka passing classes to get that PharmD).

I personally chose not to work my first year, but I’m pretty sure at least half my class was working! My main reason was because I worked a lot throughout my undergrad, and I really wanted to adjust to the schoolwork and being away from home. Another reason why I did this was because I really wanted a hospital internship. I found that I really missed working, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with what little free time we had. I’m so glad that I waited and got my internship because I absolutely love it!

Now, regardless if you are working or not, get your CV updated! It is so important, especially if you decide to apply for an internship while in the middle of studying for exams. If you are unsure of formatting and everything, here are a couple links to things that may help. One for your CV, one for your cover letter, andddd one last one for a resume (but know that CVs are more relevant)!

Thanks for reading! I hope I was a bit helpful! As always, contact us if you have any questions as all!



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