Start of the School Year!

It’s that time again! This week begins a new academic year here at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy, and there’s certainly a lot of excitement. I personally love this time– there’s that promise for the new year! I can begin marking up my planner, creating a new routine, catching up with my classmates, and meeting new students. I really enjoy thinking about what this new year will offer.

So what’s going on at the college? We’ve officially wrapped up orientations for the first-year PharmD students (P1s), and it was a week chock-full of information and punctuated with icebreakers, campus tours, and an etiquette luncheon. Orientation culminated at the White Coat Ceremony where P1s received their coats, signifying the beginning of their professional education. It was truly an exciting event.


This week brings it all together.


    9:30am begins the college’s Student Organization Fair. The many different professional student organizations will set up booths in the Biological Sciences/Pharmacy Libary (BPL). Everyone will have the opportunity to check out the different organizations, learn more about them, and find out what they think best suits their interests. There is so much to take in, and this is really a great way to see what is offered.

    After the organization fair, this is the perfect time to swing by the annual Welcome Back Picnic at the Women’s Field House, 11:30am. There will be plenty of delicious cook-out food, and it’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect and to make new connections with others at the college.

    I also recommend checking out Buck-i-Frenzy afterwards, just nearby at the RPAC. It’s a massive event with some cool giveaways, but it is definitely not for the claustrophobic since any students from The Ohio State University may make their way through.


    Classes start today!


    APhA-ASP (American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists) is kicking off the year with their first meeting during professional hour (11:30-12:30), and then later that evening as well. APhA’s Welcome Back social takes place at the Pint House at 8:00pm. Socials like this are a very casual and friendly way to learn more about the organization and where you might find your niche in pharmacy.

    If you’ve a little time, it may also be worth checking out the movie on the Oval on Wednesday night at 8:00pm. There will be a giant projector screen showing the most recent Avengers movie, and students are welcome to bring a blanket and plop down on the grass to watch the show.


    The OUAB (Ohio Union Activity Board) Grad/Prof Welcome Picnic is at the Faculty Club beginning at 4:00pm– just in case you’re craving more cook-out.

    AMCP’s Welcome Back Social is 4:30-6:30 at Miller’s Ale House.

Socials continue into the following week even with SNPhA’s Welcome Back Carnival at Fred Beekman Park 3:30-6:30 on August 31. Afterwards at 7:00, SSHP is going to a Clippers baseball game at Huntington Park.

There is so much going on at this time of year and so many ways to get to meet new people. You can learn more about the college and different organizations, make new friends, and begin to find where you want to make your mark at the university.

Take care, and I wish you another great year!

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