Housing and Parking

Hey Guys!

I know along with school, finding housing on or around campus is always very stressful. So I’m going to elaborate on some quick tips for housing and parking to help you out!

The first thing that you must decide when moving to campus is which area you want to live in. Many pharmacy students choose to live off campus in the surrounding neighborhoods by the college. Some popular ones to live in are Grandview, Clintonville, Upper Arlington, Victorian Village, and right off of high street. If you don’t mind driving to campus, many places that are 10+ minutes from campus tend to have cheaper rents/better amenities. These locations include Hilliard, Dublin, Grove City, Gahanna, Worthington, and Bexley.

If you would like to live on campus, grad housing is also an option. Here are the websites for the grad housing available on campus.



Ohio State also has an off campus housing website where you can search for housing near campus and also for roommates. Here is their website:


If you would like to live off of high street, which is very close to campus here is a list of the realtors in that area. I would suggest to find something closer to south campus (10th-15th street) as those will be a closer walk to the pharmacy building. There is also the campus bus that stops at some locations off campus and would drop you off very close to the pharmacy building.









Many of my classmates also live at university village which is close to campus, they also provide a shuttle bus to campus which will drop you off right in front of the pharmacy building. Here is their website:

www.universityvillage.com ***

Here are some other common places for pharmacy students to live. Most of them are off campus so they would require driving.

(I have starred the most popular)





http://www.colonyclubohio.com/ ***

www.mgicommunities.com/Profile_index.asp?aid=14415 ***


http://www.therunawaybayapartments.com ***


www.quarry-apts.com/ ***

www.themeridian-apts.com/ ***



Lastly, Many of my classmates also found their current housing on craigslist. So if you I don’t find anything you like here, I would suggest looking there  🙂

If you do choose to live off campus, you may want to consider a parking pass (unless you have a cota or campus bus stop by you). Here are their websites to see their routes:

www.cota.com/ (columbus public bus, this comes free with your tuition)

ttm.osu.edu/cabs (OSU’s campus bus)

There are multiple parking passes available for students. I would suggest the C pass or the WC pass. The C pass would allow you to park at the stadium which is close to the pharmacy building(5 minute walk). The WC pass would allow you to park on west campus and take a CABS bus to the pharmacy building. The passes can be found and purchased on this website:


I would love to elaborate more on housing/parking as there is a lot to tell you but I will keep it short and sweet for now. Please feel free to  email me @ johnson.4816@osu.edu  if you have more questions about housing. I would love to help you 🙂



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