Year in Review

Coming into my first year of college I was terrified.  I was a quiet person, moving three hours away from home.  I was worried about making friends and being away from my family.  Now I can’t wait to come back to Columbus in the fall!  The scholars program has really helped me find my group of friends, who have made my freshman year as great as it was.  They have encouraged me to be more outgoing and always support me in whatever I do.  Throughout freshman year I have many memories from football games, the scholars Chicago trip, studio, BuckeyeThon, the fashion schau, my London trip, and Cincinnati, just to name a few.  These experiences helped me become more independent and try new things outside of my comfort zone.

Academically, I had to make adjustments.  Studio was a new concept to me, but it really taught me time management skills and to always work ahead.  Working ahead and always trying to stay ahead with work in all of my classes was something I found very valuable in all of my classes.  I was able to avoid a lot of stress by completing assignments 2 or 3 days before they were actually due.  Through this year I gained new and helpful studying habits and great time management skills.  I learned to be responsible for my own work and independence.

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