Fostering a Shelter Animal

4Fostering an animal is a great responsibility. While it is for a shorter time period, fostering can be just as labor intensive (if not more so) as owning an animal. Many times theses animals have been abandoned or rescued from other shelters. There is a risk of behavior issues and overall lack of training in some of these animals. Please be aware of this risk and do your research before deciding to foster. Below is a list of Columbus-area organizations that offer foster programs.


A.D.O.P.T Pet Rescue
-In-home fostering: fostering until pet is adopted
-Short-term fostering: fostering on a temporary basis
-Applicants must be at least 22 years old
Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio
-Collie specific rescue group
-No kennel, dependent on fostering
Capital Area Humane Society
-Foster Volunteer Information: (614) 777-7387, ext. 233
Cat Welfare Association
-Cats that need to be in a quieter environment
-Kittens before they are old enough to be adopted 
Colony Cats
-Questions about fostering:  (614) 570-0471
Columbus Dog Connection
-No kennel, dependent on fostering
Ohio House Rabbit Rescue
-Promote excersize and socialization
-No kennel, dependent on fostering
-Many of these animals need resocialized
Pets Without Parents
-Not thriving in shelter, often recovering
-Too young to be adopted
Powell Animal Welfare Society
-No kennel, dependent on fostering
-Help with socializing and training
Royalty Dog Rescue
-No kennel, dependent on fostering
Team Greyhound
-Greyhound specific rescue group
-No kennel, dependent on fostering