• Global Awareness: My concentration and my major directly correlate with Global Awareness. I am interested in political science both domestically and around the world. In addition, I hope to take part in a study abroad after my sophomore year in order to learn more about other countries around the world. Finally I am minoring in French, not only to learn the language but the culture as a whole.
  • Original Inquiry: By the end of my undergraduate experience, I would love to complete a thesis. I think that being involved in other undergraduate research would be fun as well, but I think to have my very own project like that would be a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would love to take advantage of. I am not totally sure the route I would go with it yet, but I know it is something that I would love to accomplish.
  • Academic Enrichment: I plan on taking classes that will stretch my brain and make me a stronger student. Easy classes can be nice for GPAs, but I’d rather push my thinking and really earn a high grade, rather than be simply given one.
  • Leadership Development: Leadership is something that I am really hoping to further develop in college. I hope to get involved in a club that I am really passionate about and to use my skills to my advantage and hopefully become a leaser in that (or those) club(s).
  • Service Engagement: I have always been very passionate about community service and I am still looking to find the perfect match for me at Ohio State, but I have no doubt that I will. I am especially committed to helping the homeless, as well as children with special needs. I know there are tons of opportunities on this campus, and I can’t wait to find the best one for me.