Introduction to Me

My name is Clayton Peterson and I am a first year student here at The Ohio State University. Currently, I am delving into mathematics and economics, with plans to expand into physics next year.

What will I major in? I don’t know yet. I entered OSU with the plan of majoring in finance, but reflection on that choice has led me to believe that it was ill-considered. Right now, my plan is to explore my various interests and see where that takes me.

I am the one wearing the suspenders.

Year in Review

  1. So far, I have developed an awareness of the global medical community  and other cultures through my research. In the research that I do, I work with a German neurosurgeon and I have learned about German culture. In the future, I plan to work more toward a greater global awareness through travel to Germany for my research.
  2. I work in a spinal cord injury research lab here at Ohio State. I work on various projects related to this and have written about my research to get undergraduate research scholarship. In the future, I plan on publishing papers on what I am working on in the lab, presenting my research, and graduating with honors research distinction.
  3. I think the rigor of the classes that I have completed and the plan for future coursework is a sound testament to my commitment to the goal of academic enrichment. After graduation, I plan on going into a medical scientist training program and getting my dual MD-PhD degree. I am very interested in medical research. I chose Neuroscience as my major as the brain is a very fascinating, complicated mechanism that I would like to better understand and consequently produce better treatments for its ailments. I have strong curriculum foci in chemical and mathematical foundations, and I would like to apply methods from these disciplines to my future research.
  4. I am developing leadership skills through my involvement in the neuroscience ambassador program, which has the goal of outreach and advocacy for the the neuroscience program here at Ohio State. I am also in the process of applying to be a mathematics TA for this upcoming autumn semester, for which I would have many responsibilities associated with making sure the students really connect with the material being presented to them in lecture, advocating for their success in the class.
  5. I have volunteered about one hundred hours this year in downtown Columbus at Grant Medical Center. There I work varying jobs from cleaning and preparing beds in the PACU to holding babies in the NICU to free up nurses to complete more important tasks. I have also volunteered at a variety of events associated with epilepsy education and awareness over the course of the past two semesters. I plan to to continue working on volunteer projects like these and perhaps also participate in a Remote Area Medical trip.





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About Me

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